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Dear Diary,

The owl says his name is Hadi, that seems like a very odd name for an owl, even a blue one. Blue, I still find it difficult to believe, he says it is his natural colour though. I asked him why he stopped being a little man and he just blinked at me, it almost seemed as if he failed to understand what I had said. Oh wait, I should explain how I know his name, he told me, he actually spoke. Diary, I very nearly said something Quite Shocking. Let me think, what were his exact words? "Greetings Mistress, I come at your call. My name is Hadi and I am your familiar." Something like that, except that he said something Foreign before all that. I did not recognise the language but it sounded a bit like one of the cats when they have a hair ball in their throat.

I am writing this very quickly while Hadi is sitting with his eyes closed, he says that he is communing with someone but I cannot be certain that he is not trying to sleep. He is an owl and it is day time afterall. One good thing, at least I think it is, he assures me that I performed the spell correctly and that the materials sent were of the highest quality. He seems to be of the opinion that the course I took is Quite Splendid. I wonder if that is who he is communing with, perhaps he is more of a teacher than a familiar. Perhaps I impressed them.



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