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Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Me....well, it's not really something I'm good at talking about.

I'm a roleplayer (in the swords and sorcery sense) so people occasionally find my idea of fun strange, not to mention the number of tags/sign-ins that I have. I like people when I'm feeling sociable and books when I'm not.

I write...sometimes, I should do more of it, I have a novel on the go that I actually intend finishing. If I force myself to sit and write 1,000 words I'll do it and often be surprised at the results, I don't do it often enough though. That's one of my problems, inability to remain focused when things are being difficult...fortunately my definition of dfficult changes to challenging when I'm in the right mood...I'm good with challenges :)

People call me awkward, I'm inclined to agree with them. I know what I want (most of the time) but usually have no clue how to get it, occasionally I want something and that I can't get, then I just get frustrated.

When I fall in love I do it in a big way. There are very few people who I've fallen for and only two that I can still say it about; one of them I'm with, the other I miss terribly though I see her at least once a week. When I fall out of love everyone knows it, I can be a bitch and take great delight in cutting loose on those who have upset me. You can usually tell how much I felt for them by how vindictive and unpleasent I get afterwards. There is one person out there who has broken me and lost me for it...he still doesn't realise it.

I'm an actor, "resting" at the moment, and I love my Shakespeare. I think I'm the only one in my class at school that actually learned the speeches we were set. I'm almost positive that I'm the only one who filled the time after an english exam learning my favourite parts of the play or re-reading the book. Geek, nerd, something like that I suppose, although I always prefered cultural.

I don't go in for titles much, I was never in any particular group (that I'm aware of) in school. My wardrobe ranges from hippy to elegant goth to slut, my music ranges from 50's to 80's to meditation tapes to musicals. I'm complicated and proud to be so.
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