Dec. 10th, 2008 04:15 pm
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I finally got the overall result for my OU course today and it has led to much squeeing.

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Second essay came back today, you remember the one I was stressing about because it was harder than I expected, had a stupidly small word limit and the attached exercises were idiotic? I got another B, a far healthier B! 81% total, that's 4% off being an A...I am win!

On the subject of that stupid question (original ranting on which can be found here) I did get it wrong, it was the only one I got wrong in that section and apparently most people had problems with it. That would be because most people a) understand proper grammar and b) have some experience with maths. Their arguement is that because in one year the statement is not true then the answer should be false. This utterly ignores the fact that an average of the figures over the entire period shows it to be true.

Incidentally the wording is also slightly different between the question sheet that we were given and the answer paper that is sent out when they return the work. The second version reads:

"From 1986 to 1995, there were more than twice as many children in statutory as in voluntary homes."

I still would have given the same answer and thus got it wrong (ffs in 1995 it was 15 short of being twice as many whereas in every other year shown there were significantly more than twice as many!) but it would have been nice for us to get the varient of the question that made sense!!

Ok, rant over now as we're going to head out and attempt to get celebratory food, or at least some sort of food.


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