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Well, Pryde and Honour has finally come out of the depths of my Documents file. I've not got much more than 500 words done so far in the last 2 hours 45 minutes but at least it has put me at the nice round figure of 60,000 (and 4). I'm hoping that will spur me to write a little more, it's been really disheartening still seeing that 5 at the front of all the other figures. I know it's crazy and that 50,000 and however many is still a prodigious word count but 50,000 was my November 2005 target and it just felt like I hadn't really moved on. I need to get another 20,000 ideally, hopefully I can now get through this damned assassination attempt and on to something else; I have this image that once I'm through the bit that was causing issues it will all start to flow again...of course then comes the mire of editing!

On the subject of writing, I have to post someone's sig:

I wanted to write Deathless Prose
But I ended up with Undead Verse!

There was a discussion about writers' block going on (which I joined given my current state of affairs) and someone pointed out that we cause ourselves problems when we expect everything we write to be deathless prose. Then someone else got hung up on the phrase "Deathless Prose" and changed her sig to reflect it...I just love what she came out with, it might be one for the quote book.

Anyway, some good will come out of this enforced week off, when I can see straight I will use it to write in. Who knows it might be just what I need and at least it means that I will always have something to do!

*pixie dust*


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